Wedding videographers in London

Finding wedding videographers in London

Can be a bit of a nightmare, although its great filming weddings in London the logistics can be big problem, the biggest problem is parking especially if you are filming bridal preparations, the service and the reception at different locations around London.

Most wedding videographers have a lot of kit to carry around so need to use their cars to get around London so traffic and parking stop a lot of videographers filming wedding videos in London, some London wedding videographers even charge an extra London levy.

Thats where I am lucky because the video kit I use is very lightweight and compact, I film weddings with Panasonic G7 4K DSLR cameras and all my lighting kit and tripods are super lightweight and compact, which means I can hop on the tube or jump in a cab to get around without having to worry about parking and traffic.

You might think that because my video equipment is small and compact that is will compromise the quality of your wedding video, but its actually the opposite the cameras may look small but the quality is superb and quite often knocks the socks of some of the bigger cameras.


wedding at Wesley's Chapel in London

                      Wesley's Chapel