Wedding Video Prices In London

  Should wedding video prices in London be charged at a higher rate?

A lot of videographers do charge more to charge higher price to film wedding videos in London

the reason being its normally quite difficult to get around in London by car not to mention the cost of parking,

so you end up having to use public transport and that means having to lug all of your equipment on the train.

Its not to bad if the wedding is all at one venue , but if you have to start filming at the bridal preparations , then the

church, from there to various sites in London for the photo shoot and finally the reception, thats a lot of lugging around

so you'll probably end up using a black cab, which can start getting expensive.

Aa lot of wedding videographers in London to tend to go a bit overboard with charging extra and I dont think

its fair on the bride & groom, I agree that the extra cost inured, such as cab fares and parking should be passed on

but thats about it, granted it is a bit more stressful and you do have to lug your gear around but if you try

and use lighter weight equipment its not too bad.

And the way I see it is most wedding up in London make great showreels, so not only does the bride and groom win ( by not be charged over the top prices ) the videographer wins by having yet another great showreel  .

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