Wedding video prices in Essex

What price are you prepared to pay for wedding videography in Essex

As a professional wedding videographer in Essex I often hear, why are wedding video prices so high?

Now there are 2 types of wedding videographers, the type that is professional and solely shoot weddings for a living and the part time videographer.

Generally you will find the part time  videographer quite a bit cheaper, the reason being that they already have a steady income from their full time job, and you may be thinking GREAT

that saves me quite a bit of money!

But there is a downside and here it is : because they only film part time they wont have as much experience ( hours spent) filming and editing weddings, also they may be inclined to rush through the edit, as it will be hard to squeeze in a good edit if you are working a full time job and filming weddings on the weekend, the only time you have left to edit is after work and by then you are tired and just want to get it done!

Most part time wedding videograpers probably will not have the correct insurances and probably will not bother with PPL & MCPS licences for the audio, rendering the music on your DVD illegal.

So when you are thinking about wedding video prices you really need to take all this into consideration, Don't look at the cost of your wedding video as another expense, think of it as an investment, after you have eaten the food on the day and  the wedding cake, thrown away the bouquet, had your fill of the chocolate from the chocolate fountain the only living thing you will ever have of your wedding is your wedding film.

Photographs are great, but will never give you back the atmosphere from the day.

And if you think about it you will quite happily spend more on a photographer than you will on a videographer the videographer works 2 to 3 times harder on the day and spends on average around 20 hours editing your wedding video.

So next time you think about wedding video prices in Essex or anywhere the country , think about the amount of experience and the workload of your videographer 🙂

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