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Middlesbrough Wedding Video

Teeside Wedding videographer

Filming Natalie & Ben's wedding video in Tee Side next weekend
looking forward to the change of scenery filming my first wedding up North, looks like Im going to be a Teeside wedding videographer.



wedding video Teesside




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Tips for making great wedding videos

Creating a great wedding video is not all about having the right equipment; in fact, this task will strongly depend on your skills as a photographer. Since expensive equipment simply won’t cut it, you will need to make sure that you are well prepared, and that doesn’t mean carrying extra gear. So, if you really want to make sure you deliver quality results in this department, stick around and go thought the article; it can help with any upcoming wedding events.
Make arrangements with the lucky couple
It’s quite obvious that you will have to meet with the couple before the wedding. The important thing however is to ask the right questions. You need to know what they expect of their video and which of the moments are going to be the most important to them. Also, you should know if there are going to be any special surprises like choreographed dancing or something similar, because it would be great to capture the audience’s reaction during those moments.
This is also an opportunity to get a heads up before you start planning. A certain number of churches won’t allow videographers in your particular area, if this is the case, you might need to bring a powerful zoom lens.
Carry as little gear as possible to maximize mobility

If you are going to film during the entire wedding, you will need to run around for a whole day, and carrying heavy gear will most definitely be a problem. This is why the first step is so important; you need to know where you are going to be positioned and if you are going to need an extra light source, etc.

Once you have the list of essential gear, it will be easier to pack, and ensure more mobility. Usually, a camera with two lenses is perfect for moving around. Make sure you have a spare pack of batteries and an additional memory card.

Ensure quality audio

Audio is really important for a quality wedding video editing, and considering how you only have one opportunity to capture certain moments, you will need to make sure the audio feed is good at all times. It’s always better to have multiple sources when recording audio. Even if you camera does have a good microphone, you can always bring an external one just to be sure.

Traditional wedding shots

You probably know this, but it is really important that you capture all of the iconic moments during the wedding. It is why you need to have full batteries, and to have a schedule of the wedding to know when you need to be ready. The photos you capture need to be enhanced also, to increase their quality, and to make the couple look even more beautiful. As for the video, you need to make sure it is well edited, so that there is something interesting happening during the entire video. You can consult professional editors on how to do this. Side note, you can give the couple all the raw footage where everything is documented.

Keep the camera stable

Lastly, in order to have good materials to work with, you must bring a tripod, or a monopod, or a glide cam, etc. and have a stable camera during the filming process. Basically go for something that gets the job done and doesn’t get in the way; you will be able to ascertain that based on the situation.

Well, these were some quick tips on how to ensure quality wedding videos. Hopefully, you will do great during your first gig, and get hired for a lot of future videography jobs.

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Make your wedding video a cinematic experience with these techniques.

Cinematic Wedding

Make your wedding video a cinematic experience with these techniques.

Videography trends that can turn your wedding videos into a cinematic experienceIt wasn’t that long ago that a wedding video meant a locked down camera (or maybe two), dutifully recording the details of the wedding ceremony. Today’s couples expect more. In particular, many discerning wedding video clients want to capture the essence of their wedding day in a video that’s cinematic in scope, with a narrative structure that looks behind the scenes and also takes in the events and landscape surrounding the actual ceremony. Current trends in equipment, videography, and wedding video editing can help you tap into this desire.
Lightweight gear
If you’re aiming for a cinematic experience with your video, you’ll want to be able to get into a variety of locations quickly and easily to capture your footage. Many wedding video professionals opt for versatile camera bodies, like DSLR platforms, and complement them a few well-chosen lenses. With this option they can even do without a tripod, utilizing a monopod when necessary for a stable shot. The naturalistic look achieved with this type of setup lends itself to a cinematic feel when you perform your wedding video editing.
When a second static camera is employed, such as for B-roll shots during the ceremony, a Wi-Fi enabled sports camera like a GoPro is a great choice. It can be turned on and off remotely, and the small size will be unobtrusive.
A natural approach
A key element in creating a cinematic experience with your wedding videos is avoiding shots that seem staged. Candid shots are the key here, particularly candid shots that capture emotion on the part of the guests and wedding party. Every wedding has “must do” shots, like the ring ceremony. Use the time in between these shots to look for interesting shots and angles you can use in your wedding video editing. Build a library of ideas by searching out and studying good wedding videos from respected videographers. Even the best directors learn by what’s been done before – you shouldn’t be an exception to that rule.
Camera settings and post-production
The advent of versatile digital cameras provide you with a variety of different settings that can You may think that having a wedding day photographer and videographer will be enough to capture your wedding video footage with a film-like look. Rather than experiment blindly with your settings, use the resources available to you. Check the manual for your camera and search online for info on different settings. If you’re using a popular model, you’ll probably find any number of tutorials on capturing footage with a cinematic feel.
Post-production offers another opportunity to produce a cinematic look when doing your wedding video editing. Look for tutorials on how to create a cinematic look for your footage with your editing program – I prefer Adobe Premiere Pro – and experiment with different settings. My favourite starting point is to simply lower the level of color saturation and brightness with the footage while doing my wedding video editing. Try it, and you may be surprised how much more “film-like” your footage looks.

Art plus technique equals a winning video
The combination of new artistic trends, coupled with small, light-weight cameras and digital editing tools, has made achieving a cinematic experience through your wedding video editing totally within reach. But as with any art, the artist is more than the sum of their tools. Practice your craft by studying other videos with a keen eye, and learn to employ the techniques that resonate with you by practicing with your cameras and editing software. You’ll become a more accomplished video professional as a result.

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Cooling Castle

Looking forward to filming Gemma & Jason's wedding coming up soon at Cooling Castle.

Such a lovely wedding venue and a great couple plus Ill be shooting on my new 4K video cameras

So they are going to get a top notch wedding video

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New Video Kit

Some really exciting news, I have just upgraded my entire video kit and am now shooting wedding videos with Panasonic/ Lumix G7 DSLR 4K cameras.

The video quality is phenomenal, and enables me to crop right into the images to get those amazing close up shots.

The other advantages of filming wedding videos with these cameras is that they are small and so do not stick out like a sore thumb, enabling the videographer to blend in with the guests and capture lots of natural video footage.

I have also downsized my video tripods to smaller lighter ones so they can be positioned in the church or ceremony room without looking like a film set.

So all in all the footage is way better and the shots that can be achieved are way better too, looking forward  to shooting some great wedding videos in London next week.

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Back on the blog

Ok so I've not been blogging for some time now, the last wedding season was absolutely crazy busy but I know its no excuse.
I'm going to start loading some more up to date sample on here soon so keep an eye out

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Katie & Neil at Down Hall

Looking forward to Katie and Neil's wedding in a fortnight on the 14th March at Down Hall.
They couldn't have booked a more beautiful wedding venue, the grounds are perfect for photography and video and the staff there are absolutely fantastic.
Im sure they are going to have a great time and I cant wait to be a part of their special day

down hall

The importance of good sound

When thinking about wedding videos its very easy to think its all about visuals, when in fact even if you have the clearest most stunning visuals if you have bad audio it will absolutely ruin your wedding video.

When shooting a wedding there is a lot to think about and audio should be top of the list, but for a lot of videographers its not !

By simply using the on board microphone on the camera or even mounting a shotgun mike on the camera really isn't good enough  to get good sound you need to be up close to the action but if you get too close it may look very intrusive and the last thing the bride and groom want on their wedding day is a video camera in their face all day.

So how do you offer good visuals with good audio and be unobtrusive, here at Capture Video Productions we have got the mix just right, we use a range of different professional microphones ranging from shotgun mics for ambient sound through to radio microphones that are worn as tie clip microphones for all the important parts like the ceremony  and speeches etc,  we even use state of the art digital recorders which we can strategically place around the venues.

So next time you watch a wedding video look out for the hidden microphones

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Mary Green Manor

Yesterdays wedding at Mary Green Manor was brilliant, Raoul & Sarah were really lucky with the weather it stopped raining just before the photo shoot, the sun popped its head out and we managed to get some fantastic video.

It was a really emotional day and the speeches had just about everybody in tears all in all a fantastic day, cant wait to start editing the wedding video.

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Smeetham Hall Barn

Have just finished editing Sara & Glens wedding video, shot at Smeetham hall barn, an absolutely stunning venue situated on the borders of Suffolk & Essex. The staff were really good and very professional and the table layouts were amazing.

As for the bride and groom, what a lovely couple everything a videographer could ask for, good looking, fun to be with and very photogenic, they certainly made my job a lot easier.

The weather was perfect, a little on the hot side but not going to complain about that, the grounds at Smeetham Hall Barn were great and geared up for the kids, with giant Jenga and a host of other games to keep them busy, to be honest though I thing the grown ups enjoyed it more than the kids.

All in all a great day with great people and some stunning video.

Click here  watch the Highlights Video