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Wedding Video In Cuba

Looking forward to filming Sam & Shane's wedding video in Cuba this October, the beaches will give me a great opportunity to

film some stunning shots.



Cuba wedding videographer

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Wedding Video Prices In London

 Wedding Video Prices In London

  Should wedding video prices in London be charged at a higher rate?

A lot of videographers do charge more to charge higher price to film wedding videos in London

the reason being its normally quite difficult to get around in London by car not to mention the cost of parking,

so you end up having to use public transport and that means having to lug all of your equipment on the train.

Its not to bad if the wedding is all at one venue , but if you have to start filming at the bridal preparations , then the

church, from there to various sites in London for the photo shoot and finally the reception, thats a lot of lugging around

so you'll probably end up using a black cab, which can start getting expensive.

Aa lot of wedding videographers in London to tend to go a bit overboard with charging extra and I dont think

its fair on the bride & groom, I agree that the extra cost inured, such as cab fares and parking should be passed on

but thats about it, granted it is a bit more stressful and you do have to lug your gear around but if you try

and use lighter weight equipment its not too bad.

And the way I see it is most wedding up in London make great showreels, so not only does the bride and groom win ( by not be charged over the top prices ) the videographer wins by having yet another great showreel  .

Wedding video at Tower Bridge



Wedding video prices in Essex

Wedding video prices in Essex

What price are you prepared to pay for wedding videography in Essex

As a professional wedding videographer in Essex I often hear, why are wedding video prices so high?

Now there are 2 types of wedding videographers, the type that is professional and solely shoot weddings for a living and the part time videographer.

Generally you will find the part time  videographer quite a bit cheaper, the reason being that they already have a steady income from their full time job, and you may be thinking GREAT

that saves me quite a bit of money!

But there is a downside and here it is : because they only film part time they wont have as much experience ( hours spent) filming and editing weddings, also they may be inclined to rush through the edit, as it will be hard to squeeze in a good edit if you are working a full time job and filming weddings on the weekend, the only time you have left to edit is after work and by then you are tired and just want to get it done!

Most part time wedding videograpers probably will not have the correct insurances and probably will not bother with PPL & MCPS licences for the audio, rendering the music on your DVD illegal.

So when you are thinking about wedding video prices you really need to take all this into consideration, Don't look at the cost of your wedding video as another expense, think of it as an investment, after you have eaten the food on the day and  the wedding cake, thrown away the bouquet, had your fill of the chocolate from the chocolate fountain the only living thing you will ever have of your wedding is your wedding film.

Photographs are great, but will never give you back the atmosphere from the day.

And if you think about it you will quite happily spend more on a photographer than you will on a videographer the videographer works 2 to 3 times harder on the day and spends on average around 20 hours editing your wedding video.

So next time you think about wedding video prices in Essex or anywhere the country , think about the amount of experience and the workload of your videographer 🙂

wedding video prices

Great idea with your wedding rings

Great idea with your wedding rings
On the last wedding I filmed at Prested Hall I saw a great idea with the wedding rings, they were passed around the guests during the service for them to touch and channel their love to the rings before being placed on the bride and grooms fingers.
I just thought it was a really good idea to involve all your guests, granted it wouldn't be a good idea if you have a lot of guests, but for a small wedding its great

Qualified Videographer

Qualified Videographer
The importance of having a qualified videographer to film you wedding day
Your wedding day will most probably be the single most important day of your life
to leave it to chance to be filmed by an unprofessional person with a camera ( no matter how expensive or how good the camera is)
is just ludicrous, the training and experience of a professional qualified videographer really is essential.
A Wedding videograher's job is one of the most difficult of all videography work, your wedding is a live event,there is no stopping and starting
you have to get it right and it has to be first time and that is where the experience and training combined with the qualifications of a professional wedding film maker come into play.
You wouldn't hire a plumber to to fix the brakes on your car and likewise you shouldn't hire anyone other than a qualified videographer to film your wedding.

Wedding videography at St Paul’s Cathedral

Wedding videography at St Paul's Cathedral

Great news I have just a booked a wedding at St Paul's Cathedral for September, I love filming weddings in London as there is always a great buzz, but filming a wedding at St Paul's Cathedral will be fantastic with lots of opportunity for some creative shots.

Really looking forward to producing a beautiful wedding video in London



Wedding video at St Paul's Cathedral

Wedding videographers in London

Wedding videographers in London

Finding wedding videographers in London

Can be a bit of a nightmare, although its great filming weddings in London the logistics can be big problem, the biggest problem is parking especially if you are filming bridal preparations, the service and the reception at different locations around London.

Most wedding videographers have a lot of kit to carry around so need to use their cars to get around London so traffic and parking stop a lot of videographers filming wedding videos in London, some London wedding videographers even charge an extra London levy.

Thats where I am lucky because the video kit I use is very lightweight and compact, I film weddings with Panasonic G7 4K DSLR cameras and all my lighting kit and tripods are super lightweight and compact, which means I can hop on the tube or jump in a cab to get around without having to worry about parking and traffic.

You might think that because my video equipment is small and compact that is will compromise the quality of your wedding video, but its actually the opposite the cameras may look small but the quality is superb and quite often knocks the socks of some of the bigger cameras.


wedding at Wesley's Chapel in London

                      Wesley's Chapel

Wedding Videographer at Gosfied Hall

Wedding Videographer at Gosfied Hall

If you are a wedding videographer at Gosfield Hall

You have a great choice of shots to choose from, the bridal preparations alone in the grand bedroom along with 4 poster bed offer fantastic video opportunities, not to mention the rest of the venue.

The main staircase is alway a very popular shot as, you can fit all the guests and the bridal party on it and I'm makes a brilliant shot for photos and video.

I have done many wedding videos in Essex and can defiantly say that Gosfied Hall is one of the better wedding venues.


Wedding venue in Essex

Wedding Video at Crondon park

Wedding video at Crondon Park


I have a wedding video at Crondon Park soon, I haven't filmed a wedding video there for a while and am really looking to filming in the barn again.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and so the bride and groom can have a great wedding day in Stock.

Crondon Park

The Barn croydon park

Wedding video at Crondon Park

Wedding videography at the Hardwick Hall Hotel

The Hardwick Hall Hotel in Sedgefield County Durham, is the wedding videographers dream,  with it's stunning grounds and super friendly wedding venue staff along with excellent food, I can't wait to shoot my next wedding video there.

Hardwick Hall Hotel

Wedding videography at the Hardwick Hall Hotel