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Middlesbrough Wedding Video

Teeside Wedding videographer

Filming Natalie & Ben's wedding video in Tee Side next weekend
looking forward to the change of scenery filming my first wedding up North, looks like Im going to be a Teeside wedding videographer.



wedding video Teesside




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Tips for making great wedding videos

Creating a great wedding video is not all about having the right equipment; in fact, this task will strongly depend on your skills as a photographer. Since expensive equipment simply won’t cut it, you will need to make sure that you are well prepared, and that doesn’t mean carrying extra gear. So, if you really want to make sure you deliver quality results in this department, stick around and go thought the article; it can help with any upcoming wedding events.
Make arrangements with the lucky couple
It’s quite obvious that you will have to meet with the couple before the wedding. The important thing however is to ask the right questions. You need to know what they expect of their video and which of the moments are going to be the most important to them. Also, you should know if there are going to be any special surprises like choreographed dancing or something similar, because it would be great to capture the audience’s reaction during those moments.
This is also an opportunity to get a heads up before you start planning. A certain number of churches won’t allow videographers in your particular area, if this is the case, you might need to bring a powerful zoom lens.
Carry as little gear as possible to maximize mobility

If you are going to film during the entire wedding, you will need to run around for a whole day, and carrying heavy gear will most definitely be a problem. This is why the first step is so important; you need to know where you are going to be positioned and if you are going to need an extra light source, etc.

Once you have the list of essential gear, it will be easier to pack, and ensure more mobility. Usually, a camera with two lenses is perfect for moving around. Make sure you have a spare pack of batteries and an additional memory card.

Ensure quality audio

Audio is really important for a quality wedding video editing, and considering how you only have one opportunity to capture certain moments, you will need to make sure the audio feed is good at all times. It’s always better to have multiple sources when recording audio. Even if you camera does have a good microphone, you can always bring an external one just to be sure.

Traditional wedding shots

You probably know this, but it is really important that you capture all of the iconic moments during the wedding. It is why you need to have full batteries, and to have a schedule of the wedding to know when you need to be ready. The photos you capture need to be enhanced also, to increase their quality, and to make the couple look even more beautiful. As for the video, you need to make sure it is well edited, so that there is something interesting happening during the entire video. You can consult professional editors on how to do this. Side note, you can give the couple all the raw footage where everything is documented.

Keep the camera stable

Lastly, in order to have good materials to work with, you must bring a tripod, or a monopod, or a glide cam, etc. and have a stable camera during the filming process. Basically go for something that gets the job done and doesn’t get in the way; you will be able to ascertain that based on the situation.

Well, these were some quick tips on how to ensure quality wedding videos. Hopefully, you will do great during your first gig, and get hired for a lot of future videography jobs.

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