When thinking about wedding videos its very easy to think its all about visuals, when in fact even if you have the clearest most stunning visuals if you have bad audio it will absolutely ruin your wedding video.

When shooting a wedding there is a lot to think about and audio should be top of the list, but for a lot of videographers its not !

By simply using the on board microphone on the camera or even mounting a shotgun mike on the camera really isn't good enough  to get good sound you need to be up close to the action but if you get too close it may look very intrusive and the last thing the bride and groom want on their wedding day is a video camera in their face all day.

So how do you offer good visuals with good audio and be unobtrusive, here at Capture Video Productions we have got the mix just right, we use a range of different professional microphones ranging from shotgun mics for ambient sound through to radio microphones that are worn as tie clip microphones for all the important parts like the ceremony  and speeches etc,  we even use state of the art digital recorders which we can strategically place around the venues.

So next time you watch a wedding video look out for the hidden microphones