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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Wedding on Saturday at Smeetham Hall Barn.

Hi all!
Looking forward to Glen and Sara's wedding this Saturday at Smeetham Hall Barn. I've been swept of my feet in the past two weeks with wedding videos, hopefully Glen will do the same to his new bride! The grounds at Smeetham Hall Barn are stunning and provide great filming variety for all of us videographers!
Really looking forward to seeing the happy couple and getting some amazing shots!

Smeetha, Hall Barn

Wedding videos three in a row

Its been an absolutely hectic three days filming three wedding videos in a row, started on Saturday and finished yesterday, all 3 wedding were fantastic with so much great stuff to film.
I. have a week to rest up before Sara & Glens wedding at Smeetham Hall Barn on Saturday, with a great venue, great people and hopefully some nice weather I'm sure the wedding video is going to be fantastic

Busy month for wedding videos

video cameraThe wedding season is definitely upon us and its going to be a hectic month, I have 7 wedding videos for July and August isn't far behind, looking forward to seeing all my brides and grooms.